Zyxtery is the Voltage Complien. It belongs to the Volt and Warp Elements. It grows from Zyx, which grows from Zy, and burgeons into Zyxterious.


Zyxtery is a large, prismic Complien bent in the middle, shaped like the letter V. Unlike its previous forms, Zyxtery has two arms on the sides with claw-like hands. It has two eyes, and unlike its previous forms, a mouth as well. There are two spikes in the crevice in the middle. While Zyxtery is technically the same colors as Zyx, it appears to be the opposite, since Zyxtery has developed a field of distortion to surround it.


Zyxtery is a rare Complien found primarily in forested areas. Unlike Zy and Zyx, Zyxtery no longer focuses on blending in with its surroundings, and instead focuses on using its ability to warp reality to confuse and outsmart its opponents. While only of animalistic sapience, Zyxteries are incredibly tricky in combat, and can be a difficult species to take down. Zyxteries are harsh fighters, and are frequently employed for combat. Zyxteries retain the electrical fields of its previous form, and with its newly developed arms, Zyxtery can much more easily take hold of its opponents to assure they are defeated. Zyxteries are a brutal fighters, and if encountered, one needs to escape as quickly as possible.

If fighting a Zyxtery, Compliens with Elemental disadvantages are the best picks for fighting. Zyxtery has the Reality Warp instinct, which inverses all Elemental advantages and disadvantages. This can give a heavy advantage against Zyxteries, especially if the Complien fighting is of greater or equal power. However, its burgeoned form, Zyxterious, is still to look out for.



Zy grows into Zyx, which grows into Zyxtery.


Zyxtery burgeons into Zyxterious.


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Some insights on Zyxtery's origins.


Zyxtery is derived from the last three letters of the English alphabet in reverse, and the word "mystery."


Its design is based on electrical fields and the letter "V."


  • Originally, its burgeoned form, Zyxterious, was simply a grown form of Zyxtery.
  • It swapped names with Zyxterious in 2017. Originally it was called Zyxterious, and the burgeoned form was called Zyxtery.
  • Zyxtery was the featured Complien in January 2018. It was tied with Dâwdâw, Cherrynobyl, and Fearkracker, and was picked to be featured at random.