Zyxterious is the Voltage Complien. It belongs to the Volt and Void Elements. It is the burgeoned form of Zyxtery.


Zyxterious is a prismic Complien with a bend in the middle, much like its previous forms. It has two eyes and a mouth. There are spikes at the ends of the "V" like shape, as well as in the center. It has four arms detached from its body, with claws at the end. While black in color, it appears the opposite due to the large negative zone surrounding it.


Zyxterious is really popular in fights, since it is quite possibly one of the most brutal Compliens when it comes to fighting. Coming from the already dangerous Zyx and Zyxtery, Zyxterious contains immense power, now having four arms, which hover around its body. It uses these arms to pin opponents to the ground, where it subsequently damages them with spikes and its extremely powerful electrical field. Its ability to warp reality makes it even more powerful, as it can distort the world around it, and confuse opponents which may believe they'll be effective against it.

Aside from burgeon potions, a Zyxtery can burgeon into Zyxterious when struck by lightning. As such, several Zyxtery will attempt to fight for dominance atop mountaintops to burgeon into this powerful Complien. Zyxteriouses demand large amounts of respect from previous forms, though it is to acknowledge that since members of the Zy line typically act independently, this is rarely effective.



Zyxtery burgeons into Zyxterious.


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Some insights on Zyxterious's origins.


Zyxterious's name is derived from the last three letters of the English alphabet and the word "mystery."


Zyxterious is likely based on electrical fields and the concept of distortion.


  • It was the first Burgeon Complien to be added to the Compliverse Wiki.
  • It was originally a grown form of Zyxtery, but was changed to a Burgeon in 2015.