Zyx is an adolescent electrical Complien with the Volt element. It grows from Zy and into Zyxtery.


Zyx is a black Complien with a triangular shape notched in the middle, much like the letter V. They have two beady purple eyes with blue pupils. Zyxes are slightly larger than Zies, usually about a foot tall.


Zyxes are often mistaken for the more harmless Zy, since when their electrical fields are inactive, they look nearly identical. However, Zyxes are reasonably dangerous due to their aggressiveness and their powerful electric fields.

Like their pregrowth, they live in the forest's undergrowth. They travel alone and usually ignore other Zeys. To eat, Zyxes ambush any other Compliens they come across and zap them with potent shocks. They are truculent creatures and will butt heads with even larger, stronger animals like .

Since they only use electrical attacks, other Compliens like Ampuff and Shrock sometimes attempt to battle a Zyx to gain more voltage.



Zy grows into Zyx, which grows into Zyxtery.


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Some insights on Zyx's origins.


Zyx's name is derived from the final three letters of the alphabet in reverse.


Zyx's design possibly takes inspiration from electrical fields.


  • They do not hibernate like Zies do.