Zy is an infant electrical Complien with the Volt element. It grows into Zyx, which grows into Zyxtery.


They are small, black, and V-shaped. They have two glowing purple eyes with blue pupils with no other facial features. They are about the size of an adult human hand.


Zies are rare Compliens fully made of tough chitin found in forests like Quintuple Forest. They eat bugs and can hover up to a meter in the air. Like the other Zeys, Zies are independent creatures and do not rely on other Zyxteries, Zyxteriouses, or even Zyxes, though they still will follow them from time to time to feed on the bugs attracted to the other Zey's kills.

They camouflage themselves in the undergrowth to hide from predators. In the winter when bugs are scarce, they relocate to caves to hibernate. When resting, they spin into soft ground point-first and bury themselves, leaving only their tops sticking out.

Zies can produce a minor electrical charge across their bodies for a split second when threatened. This defense system deals no permanent damage, but serves well against anything that bumbles too close for comfort.



Zy grows into Zyx, which grows into Zyxtery.


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Some insights on Zy's origins.


Zy's name is derived from the last two letters of the English alphabet in reverse.


Zy's design is of unknown origin.


  • They excrete by crying waste from their eyes.