Wialscreem is the Ice Cream Complien. It belongs to the Frost Element. It grows from Iscreem and into Yuscreem.


It has three heads merged together, with fractured ice cream cone bits surrounding the rest of the cone. Atop the cone is a pile of whipped cream with a cherry on top. The head in the middle shares arms with the left and right heads. On occasion, if two heads get too close, their faces may merge together slightly. They come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry variants.


Comes in three flavors and highly delicious, the Wialscreem is a horrifying abomination formed from three Iscreems fusing together. Each head still has full sapience as well as memories of their past life, but regardless of how hard they try, they can not separate. The Wialscreem lives through some what of a lose/lose situation, since their delicious structure makes them a frequent target for other creatures to eat, and the only way to avoid it is by getting covered in salt, which makes them melt faster. By growing into Yuscreem, the three heads merge together, but do not lose memories of their past lives, causing them intense emotional pain. Despite this, Wialscreem does have decent defense mechanisms, since each head can attack at once, allowing it to be able to attack multiple targets easily, and they are able to keep themselves frozen by means of using their frozen breath. If the three heads of the Wialscreem are able to co-operate, they can become a powerful entity on their own.



Iscreem grows into Wialscreem, which grows into Yuscreem.


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Some insights on Wialscreem's origins.


Its name is derived from the phrase "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream," coming from the "We all scream" part due to how it consists of three Iscreems merged together.


Its design is inspired by a triple scoop ice cream.


  • It was originally called "Tricecream" and originally had a much more basic design.