Whimsire is a lantern-like Complien with the Light, Fire, and Spectral elements. It burgeons into Lanteau.


Whimsire resembles an orange Chinese paper lamp. It has a crown-like shape on its head with a golden flame coming out. The same flame also comes out of the bottom of its head. It has a tail with a golden tip. On its back it has a neon blue symbol that glows at night. It has two blind yellow eyes and a gaping mouth.


Whimsires are Compliens that mindlessly float in the air. They give off a bright, flickering light similar to that of a fire, making them very visible at night. Although easy targets for airborne predators, Whimsires have no natural enemies, since they are made of little more than a thin covering of papery flesh over an ectoplasmic flame.

They are unintelligent creatures with no actual sensory ability. They reproduce by dropping globs of hot ectoplasm onto the ground, which mixes with other ectoplasm to create new Whimsires. Their breeding season varies, but is usually during solar maximum on the East Star or whatever star they orbit.

Whimsires burgeon into Lanteau if a chunk of glosolite is placed in their flame.



Whimsire burgeons into Lanteau.


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Some insights on Whimsire's origins.


Whimsire is derived from "whimsy" and "fire."


Whimsire's design takes inspiration from Chinese paper lamps.