Compliverse Wiki

Hello, I am CompliensCreator00! I was the owner of the original Complipedia, and the founder of the Compliverse Wiki! This wiki was created from the perspective of a "reboot" of the original Complipedia, to sort out the tangled lore, remove most of the mediocre pages on the old wiki, and hopefully shed new light on the Compliverse franchise.

Currently, my goal is to port over Compliens from the old wiki that are to return on this one. Hopefully, in the end, the Compliverse Wiki will look better than Complipedia ever was!

Now that I've fixed my tablet issues, I can finally get back to designing Compliens! I'm hoping for smooth sailing in the rest of 2018!

To-do List[]

  • Redraw several Compliens. Feel free to help out!
  • Add pages to the wiki for several Compliens.
  • Try to stay active enough for the two-hundred day badge.