Towtowmple is the Totem Complien. It belongs to the Flora and Spectral Elements. It is the grown form of Totomple, and the final form of Totom.


Towtowmple is a tall, cylindrical Complien, typically about three meters tall, though there can be some variation in height. Its body is split into five segments, each which has a different face. It has a pair of arms on the third segments, alongside a pair of wings, which are brown with yellow markings at the bottom. The wings are rigid and wooden, much like the rest of the body, and are not able to allow a Towtowmple to fly. Towtowmples have two legs which protrude from the bottom segment on their bodies. Each of their faces, unlike Totom and Totomple have yellow patterns on them. Its arms and legs are also yellow at the ends.


Towtowmples are incredibly wise Compliens, and often are picked as leaders of large groups of Totoms and Totomples. Towtowmples have typically lived for a long time, and as such, have learned very much throughout their lives. It is said the five faces of a Towtowmple reflect a history of their lives, and that their past can be found out through the expressions displayed on their faces. Each face of a Towtowmple has separate sentience, though the five can communicate with one another in an almost telepathic way. If the five faces are to agree on an attack, they can become immensely powerful, though this is only if a Towtowmple is going to attack. Much like previous forms, Towtowmples are incredibly peaceful creatures, that only fight if provoked first.

Aside from the five faces of a Towtowmple, they have also developed a rigid pair of wings. These wings actually serve little purpose than making the already large Towtowmple look even larger. Occasionally, to avoid combat, Towtowmples will spread their wings to make themselves appear as large as possible to scare away smaller opponents. These wings are functional enough to create slight gusts of wind to extinguish fire attacks, which can be useful provided their weakness.

The forest provides a great home for the Towtowmple, since it allows them to obtain food from trees rather than having to hunt other Complien life, and it can serve as decent camouflage for the species, since their tall height and coloration allows them to blend in with several other trees. This allows Towtowmples to evade combat whenever possible.



Totom grows into Totomple, which grows into Towtowmple.


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Some insights on Towtowmple's origins.


Its name is derived from "tower" and "totem pole."


Towtowmple is based off of totem poles.


  • It was originally named "Tototomple."