Totom is the Totem Complien. It belongs to the Nature and Magic Elements. It grows into Totomple and later into Towtowmple.


Totom is a short, brown, cylindrical Complien with a face. The face on a Totom varies between specimen. Totoms have arms with hands, that have no fingers aside from a thumb, and short legs. Totoms are made entirely from the wood of dead trees.


Totoms are born when Totomples and Towtowmples cut down dead trees, and carve them from wood. Their line strictly assures that they are to cause no harm towards nature. Totoms are usually born in sets of five or six, though larger trees can produce even more, and as such, they rarely are low in number. Although typically brown, other forms of Totoms can be formed from other trees. It is said that the first Totoms were created as forest spirits as Natuhope, and still remain to protect forests to this day. Totoms often forge large groups with other Totoms, Totomples, and Towtowmples so they can take care of one another.

Totoms are incredibly curious, and will frequently voyage around their forests, occasionally with the guidance of Totomples or Towtowmples. It is said that as Totoms learn more, they eventually grow into a Totomple. Totoms are incredibly peaceful species, though this does mean that if hunted, they will have difficulty fighting back, and can fall quite easily. While vulnerable to fire and other attacks which can be harmful towards wood, Totoms are fairly defensive, and can usually take a hit. However, they are easily frightened, and in the event that this happens, they will quickly run away.



Totom grows into Totomple, which grows into Towtowmple.


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Some insights on Totom's origins.


Totom's name is derived from totem.


Totom is based off of singular totems, unlike its grown forms which are based off of totem poles.


  • It was designed after Totomple, despite being the first stage in its line.