Thinkblot is the Ink Complien. It belongs to the Esper and Passion Elements. It is not known to grow into or from anything.


Thinkblot has a large head resembling a brain, with a small space left untextured, where its two asymmetrical eyes peer out. The rest of its body is gooey and amorphous, taking a variety of forms based on whatever a Thinkblot can shape itself into. Thinkblots usually have their brain at the top of their body, two wing-like arms, and a long body that ends with a "tail."


Like many other Esper Element Compliens, Thinkblot is capable of telepathy. However, due to its fairly high sapience, it uses this ability to read and understand the emotions of others. A Thinkblot's form is largely amorphous, and it can quickly change itself into a variety of different shapes. It's said that after reading another creature's mind, the shape it takes is always indicative of the personality or emotions of the mind read, though, scientific tests conducted to prove this have led to some conflicting results.

The most commonly accepted theory, currently, is that Thinkblots' appearance reflects how they perceive another being's emotions and personality, but that their perception may be swayed by bias. While this means Thinkblots may be unreliable for large-scale personality tests, they can still be useful in psychology, largely for understanding how Compliens perceive one another.

Certain forms taken by Thinkblots are popular amongst the species, but often these forms can be fairly hard to decipher. Some Compliens like to make an activity out of trying to guess the form a Thinkblot is trying to take.


Thinkblot is primarily found on northwestern Complanet around the nations of Blaseau, Suyzuebia, Akiyfren, and Oclyfe.



Thinkblot does not grow.


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Some insights on Thinkblot's origins.


Thinkblot is derived from "think" and "inkblot."


Thinkblot's design is inspired by Rorschach tests. The shape and texture of its head resembles a brain.


  • Thinkblot's design was revealed over Discord a day early.