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Tekit is the Rolling Complien. It belongs to the Volt and Esper Elements. It grows from Microkit and into Psykit.


Tekit is a Complien with a cylindrical, yellow body with two round eyes, and a cat-like mouth. They have two antennae with red sensory organs at the end, and two black arms. They have a singular leg with a wheel at the end. Like their previous form, they hardly resemble kittens in any way, shape or form, but now the mouth is a little more accurate.


The antennae of a Tekit are essentially multi-purpose organs. Like their previous form, they are used to sense their environment and siphon electricity from loose wires. However, Tekits now also possess light psychic powers, which it uses its two antennae to perform. While Tekits now do have two arms, their primary means of reaching items is to use their weak psychic powers to attract items towards themselves. Tekits however, are not the smartest Complien species and may frequently knock over things by accident when trying to get something with their antennae.

Tekits roll around on a singular wheel at the bottom of their leg, looking for electricity to consume. By accident, large Tekit populations can accidentally start power outages. Occasionally other Compliens will try to kick them out of urban areas, but rarely is this effective as the Tekit needs energy to survive. Tekits are most well-fed when given a generator to steal the electricity from and consume.



Microkit grows into Tekit, which grows into Psykit.


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Some insights on Tekit's origins.


Tekit is derived from "tech" and "kitten."


Despite looking almost, but not quite, entirely unlike cats, that is supposedly the origin of this Complien. Even this Complien's creator has no clue how she made that connection.


  • It was one of the first Compliens ever designed.