Snailagoon is the Hostile Snail Complien. It belongs to the Fire and Earth Elements. It grows into Snailoperior.


They resemble conches, with a long, limbless body and a small spiralling shell on its back. They have two yellow antennae, two beady eyes, and a stubby snout. They are made of orange-hot lava.


They were recently discovered on volcanoes and mountains in Sworld and mostly in Complanet.

Snailagoons are about a third of a meter (1 ft) from snout to tail, foot to antenna, and one side to the other. They move at a top speed of 5 kilometers an hour (3 mph), but prefer a slow pace of 2 kph (1.2 mph). They weigh about 80 kilograms (175 lb) as an adult.

Snailagoons feed on rocks and incompletely combusted substances, such as charcoal, smoke, and ash. To this end, they often venture out of their volcano or cave and burn any organic material they can get their feet on, alive or not. For obvious reasons, this has made Snailagoons an incredible danger to anything near one of their residences, and Snailagoon-infested areas are restricted to anybody who doesn't want to be fried alive.

They breed by shedding their shells to reveal their genitalia inside, and growing the shells back after mating. They possess both male and female reproductive organs, and will fight for dominance to see who carries the offspring. The carrier Snailagoon's head expands and hollows out into a uterus, and the baby is eventually expelled live from the mouth.

Snailagoons protect their territory from other compliens like Beanaflies and others.They are hostile compliens and they will do anything to hunt the complien who terrorize its territory.



Snailagoon grows into Snailoperior.


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Some insights on Snailagoon's origins.


Its name comes from "snail" and "goon"


It is based on a snail.


  • If their outer layer gets too cold and soldifies into rock, the Snailagoon will be immobilized and eventually starve.
  • Snailagoons hates the presence of Magmawwls around its territory and chases the complien.
  • Snailagoon was the first Complien created by Sinister Pea.



Snailagoon's Moveset




Sticky Lava


~15 damage per second, moderate lower in speed

Pelt With Fire


=10 damage =3 times

Fire Sneeze


75-100 damage