Shrock is the Volt Rock Complien. It belongs to the Earth and Volt Elements. It grows into Electrock.


Shrock is a Complien resembling a gray rock about 36 centimeters in diameter. Shrocks have large, blue eyes with noticeable eyelashes, surrounded by several lightning bolts. Shrocks simply hover a few feet above the ground. Shrocks have craggly shapes.


Shrocks emerge when lightning strikes stones near large complixonox deposits. Shrocks are of fairly low sapience, and really only exist to find rocks to consume. Shrocks are able to hover above the ground utilizing electromagnetic capabilities, and this allows them to move, as otherwise, the Shrock would have difficulty moving. Shrocks must keep themselves electrically charged at all times, or else they may fall, causing them to stop moving, and end up dying.

Shrocks are occasionally hunted by other lithovorous Compliens, but Shrocks can often fight back by shocking them with immense charges. Shrocks then float away as quickly as they can. Shrocks will occasionally seek out other Volt Element Compliens, hoping to obtain more electricity from them to keep them moving.



Shrock grows into Electrock.


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Some insights on Shrock's origins.


Shrock's name is derived from "shock" and "rock."


Shrock's design is based off of a rock.


  • Shrocks reproduce by charging other rocks near complixonox deposits with their electricity.