Seeriel krillii are small, omnivorous Compliens made as a Raethian weapon that feed off everything they can reach, from animals to plants to even small enough pebbles and metal. They have the Water and Cyber elements.


Seeriel krillii are plunger-head-shaped, with their mouth in the top and miniature turbine in the bottom. They have a large, circular mouth with two rows of concentric teeth that juts out from a cylinder. They have no eyes, and smell with their skin. They are pink in color.


During the Complien-Raethian, billions of seeriel krillii were released onto Sworld, one of the Complien defense fronts, in an attempt to cripple Sword's marine natural resources. However, millenia of living on a planet with constant winds that can rip an umbrella in half and intense currents that can smash a boat into dust gave Sworld's marine life the gift of evolution, and they decimated the seerial kriller population and incorporated them into the local food chain - mostly at the bottom.


Seeriel Kriller

Seeriel Kriller does not grow.


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Some insights on Seeriel Kriller's origins.


Its name is a pun of "serial killer" and "krill".


Its design is based on a turbine and a meat grinder.


  • Seeriel krillii are an endangered species with only a few thousand left, thanks to the huge consumption of them by undersea life like Chtavlaki. This hasn't affected any of the species higher on the food chain, since they were a foreign presence anyway and are not a main part of anything's diets.
  • Their mouth leads into a tiny processing plant, where useful material is extracted and the waste expelled out of the turbine. This material is used to make the seeriel kriller grow and is stored to eventually release tiny seeriel krillii from its turbine.


Seeriel Kriller's Moveset






~20 damage 2-5 times

Tissue Tear


40-65 damage, very long (20-30 min) bleeding

Pheromone Rush


All Compliens of the same species gain moderate raise in all stats