Sarçstoro is the Shock Beaver Complien. It belongs to the Water and Volt Elements. It is not known to grow into or from anything.


They are small, hunchbacked animals with shiny purple fur, eight red eyes, a single large metal tooth, and pink gills down their neck. They have a large metal coil for a tail, two small upright bifurcated metal horns, one thick green front paw for grabbing, one spindly light green front paw for delicate tasks, two large crane-like arms on their back with two claws on each hand tipped with red and blue nodules, and two thick, muscled hind feet, which support all of the Sarçstoro's weight. They have small pouches on their stomachs, which house the Sarçstoro joey until it matures. They have no nose, and breathe air through their pores. Sarçstoros are usually about between 36 and 108 centimeters tall and between 72 and 108 centimeters wide.


Sarçstoros make their dams out of wood, stone, and their own sticky spit as a mortar to hold it together. These dams contain small electrical turbines composed of rock.

The turbine blades, made from metal salvaged from the corpses of fellow Sarçstoros, are made magnetic by rubbing them against the Sarçstoros' fur. The turbines work by spinning quickly in the river's current, with a hole in the middle for a Sarçstoro to put its tail into.

The spinning magnets create an electrical current that runs up a Sarçstoro's tail and powers it in lieu of eating food for energy. To get nutrients, Sarçstoros eat a quarter pound of rocks and dirt every day.

Sarçstoros are marsupial species that give birth through pouches on their underbellies. Sarçstoros do not grow into or from anything, and simply get larger over time. However, young Sarçstoros are undeveloped, lacking the fur of an adult Sarçstoro and often being blind. Young Sarçstoros will reside in the pouches for a few months after birth.



Sarçstoro does not grow.


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Some insights on Sarçstoro's origins.


Sarçstoro's name is a jumble of random syllables.


Sarçstoro was inspired by various different things, though is primarily based on beavers.


  • They occasionally augment their dams with turrets, which the Sarçstoros can climb upon to projectile urinate upon attackers. This has caused many an accident with amateur photographers hoping to sneak a picture of a Sarçstoro dam.