Compliens, Raethians, Mogurians, and all of the various other creatures out there in the Compliens Universe have different levels of sapience - that is, the ability of an organism to be wise or have judgement. It's kind of hard to explain without a philosophy degree.


Nonsapient creatures are things like Complipox, plants, and rocks that do not have intelligence, do not have anything resembling a consciousness, and usually can't communicate at all. However, with Complixonox, nonsapients can ascend up the ladder of sapience. Nonsapient creatures are marked with a sapience level of 0.

Fully sapient creatures, like the Complinoids, Raethians, and Mogurians, have a complete intelligence and consciousness. They are set to human standards for the sake of convenience to our human readers. You should probably know what this is like. These are marked with a sapience level of 1.

Semi-sapient creatures are in between rocks and Humans. The semi-sapience scale is split into three subgroups, proto-sapient, animalistic, and proto-full.

  • Proto-sapient creatures are at the level of insects. They rely completely on instinct and usually have no sentience. Proto-sapients are marked at 0.25 on the scale.
  • Animalistic creatures are at "giraffe" and "wolf" levels of intelligence and sapience. As their name implies, they have the wits of a common animal and act like them too. They can communicate, which separates them from the proto-animalistics. Animalistics are at 0.5 on the sapience meter.
  • Proto-full creatures are at the 0.75 level, and they have the sapience of an "elephant", an "octopus", or a "gorilla". What's an "elephant"?

'S'upersentient creatures with a sapience surpassing Human levels are usually gods or have god-like powers.

The Sapience Levels and a series of associated sapience tests were developed to effectively categorize the multitude of creatures in the universe to ensure that fully sapient creatures and nonsapient creatures are recognized and treated accordingly.

As a general rule, most Compliens are animalistic/proto-full, with the exception of Complinoids which are all fully sapient, and most Raethians and Mogurians are fully sapient as well.


  • Animalistic creatures are often lobbied to have their standards raised to human-level status, as they have sentience and can suffer. One of these groups is the notoriously extreme PAELLA (People Against Extreme Lashing and Liberators of Animalistics).