Radicool is the Aesthetic Complien. It belongs to the Cyber and Time Elements. It grows into either Paleocool or Neocool.


Radicool is mostly human-like in appearance, having a head, a body, two arms, and two feet, albeit, without legs. The patterns on its body resembles clothes, having a blue and green hat-like appendage on its head, a red and white "shirt", a blue "jacket", consisting of the fur surrounding its body, and brown feet which resemble shoes. It has magenta fur on its face and arms, with red fur around its eyes, resembling sunglasses.


Radicools have only started appearing recently, first appearing in 186D. It is unknown where they came from, or what purpose they served, but they may be a docile species which branched off of other humanesque Compliens, made to fit the interests of other Compliens at the time. They have become widely less popular over the years, aside from those who take interest in 80s aesthetic, but in term, have become more rare, and more valuable as well. It is believed many discarded Radicools moved to other parts of urban areas or forests, depending on the species. If a Radicool develops in a rural area, it becomes a Paleocool, while if it stays in an urban area, it becomes a Neocool. Radicools have the ability to manipulate images of bright colors in the sky, allowing for a spectacular light show.



Radicool grows into Paleocool.


Radicool grows into Neocool.


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Some insights on Radicool's origins.


Radicool's name is derived from "radical" and "cool."


Its design is based on elements of 1980s culture.


  • It was initially created as an April Fools' joke on