Potenshell is the Shelled Complien. It belongs to the Water and Magic Elements. It grows into Kineticlam.


Potenshell is a simple Complien consisting of a face with two eyes protected by a large dark blue clam shell. The eyes are a glowing cyan, and shine through the shell when it isn't completely shut.


Potenshells rarely move, as their Stored Power instinct makes it so the longer a Potenshell goes without attacking, the more damage it will be able to deal. Potenshells may look simple, and they often are thought to have a low sapience level. However, Potenshells are constantly building energy to use in certain situations. Some say that Potenshells are able to store so much energy at once, that when let go, Potenshells are set back up to 78 meters! Potenshells usually stay in the ocean, but occasionally wash up on Bivalve Bay, where some may pick them up and keep them as a pet, or set them back free into the ocean. Evidence suggests that if they build up enough energy over a long period of time, a Potenshell will grow into Kineticlam.


Potenshells are found most often off the coasts of Sheisil, Larantha, and Oclyfe where they are found at Bivalve Bay. Numerous other Potenshells are scattered throughout the sea at this area, but the extent as to how many are there is unknown.



Potenshell grows into Kineticlam.


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Some insights on Potenshell's origins.


Potenshell's name is derived from "potential energy" and "shell."


Potenshell is based off of a clam, and potential energy; energy which is stored over time.