Poispore is the Spore Complien. It belongs to the Flora and Toxic Elements. It grows into Grimmibud, and later into Stentree.


Poispore has a large, round purple head with many spikes. On the front of the head, it has two yellow eyes, and a large, white skull symbol. Underneath the head is its body, which is green, with red and white patterns between the head and body. It has a tail, consisting of leaves of various colors.


These fairly common Compliens roam around Complanet by the air, due to their body consisting of a very light material. The wind often picks them up and spreads them around, allowing them to eject venomous spores wherever they fly. Certain spores have a small chance to become another Poispore, repeating the process. Often, in old fairy tales, Poispores were treated as the evil counterparts of Dandacopters, due to the many similarities. Despite this, Poispores, although dangerous, are low-sapience creatures, and do not seem to have malicious intent.

However, they rise in prominence during Spring and Summer, so in the best outdoor seasons, people can have harsher risk of being touched by a Poispore. It should be noted they are not extremely harmful, and as a whole, will only leave a mild sickness if touched, but they can be extremely harmful if one is allergic to them, especially since allergies to Poispores are fairly common. After floating around for long periods of time, Poispores eventually grow weak, and fall to the ground, where then, they grow into a Grimmibud.



Poispore grows into Grimmibud, which grows into Stentree.


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Some insights on Poispore's origins.


Poispore's name is derived from poison and spore.


Poispore is derived from spores released by some plants, used to reproduce.


  • Poispore was drawn immediately after it was conceived.