Plushmere is the Cushion Complien. It belongs to the Plain and Dream Elements. It grows from Plushion and is the final form of Ploft.


Plushmeres are Compliens that are about 1.2 meters tall, having an egg-shaped body with dark pink fur on top, light pink fur in the middle, and pink fur around its legs. They have a curl of hair on the top, and two ears with a few dark pink feelers on them. They have a face with two eyes, a mouth, and a small nose. The middle of their body has two pink buttons on it. Plushmeres have two arms extending from the top section and a small tail.


Plushmere is a Complien frequently found in grassland areas. They often lead a small group of Plofts and Plushions. In the middle of the night, Plushmeres will wander around, and look for sleeping Compliens. Plushmeres will try snuggling with these Compliens and hope they can give them good dreams. Plushmeres do not need very much sleep, and typically are awake almost all day long. Plushmeres, however, do need one or two hours, since if they get any less, they typically end up acting uncharacteristically cranky. Since Plushmeres are a frequent choice as pets, this should be taken note of.

The fur of a Plushmere is extremely soft, and long ago, Plushmeres were hunted to take hold of said fur. However, as they became common house pets, the ethics of this practice were questioned, and nowadays, Plushmeres are typically hunted. This isn't all benefits, however, since Plushmeres have gained very large populations and it and its previous forms have become some of the most common Compliens around.

Unlike Ploft and Plushion, a few small children may be afraid of Plushmeres due to their much larger size. However, being soft and generally nonthreatening, most are able to adapt to having a Plushmere in their home.



Ploft grows into Plushion, which grows into Plushmere.


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Some insights on Plushmere's origins.


Plushmere is derived from "plush" and "cashmere."


Plushmere is simply a nice fluffy friendly thing.


  • Unlike Ploft and Plushion, which were designed by HellPikachu, Plushmere was designed by Pepearl.
  • Plushmeres can be trained to take care of small children, and gently put them to sleep.