Ploft is the Cushion Complien. It belongs to the Plain Element. It grows into Plushion, which grows into Plushmere.


The body of the Ploft is mostly pink and spherical, with the top half being a darker pink, and the bottom half being a lighter pink. The top of its head forms a curl, which has four appendages emerging from it. Plofts have faces consisting of two eyes and a small mouth. The lower half of the body contains its arms and legs, all of which are short and stubby. Ploft has a small, fluffy tail, but frequently, it is unseen.


Plofts are a Complien species which originated in grasslands. It is said their bright pink color would allow them to blend in with flowers, though this camouflage would rarely work. Fortunately, since Plushions and Plushmeres create several offspring, Plofts are able to quickly restore populations. They are generally adopted by people so most of them can be found in somebody's home or carried as a pet. They are very soft to the touch so they make wonderful Compliens for young children. However, they don't like to be squeezed too much. If that happens, Ploft will slide out and try to roll away. They are mostly happy in warm areas around the house. If they like their owners, a Ploft will caress them with their small, fluffy tail.



Ploft grows into Plushion, which grows into Plushmere.


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Some insights on Ploft's origins.


Ploft's design is derived from the words "plush" and "soft."


Ploft's design doesn't have any known origin, but it looks cute.


  • Plofts dislike other home pets. However, do not be alarmed. They will not transform into a horrifying beast provided there is another pet, they will simply be annoyed, and likely stay away from them.
  • Ploft was originally designed by HellPikachu on the Complipedia.