Nixpha is the Ice Ghost Complien. It belongs to the Frost and Spectral Elements. It grows into Glapha and later into Hibpha.


It has a bunch of ice covering most of its body. Parts of its head can be seen, confirming it has a blue head with hole-like eyes. It has sharp shards on its arms, while its body is more squared. It does not have legs, and is mostly hollow. It is vaguely human-esque in shape, with the head being attached to the body, with arms on the sides. The ice is a light blue.


Nixphas are uncommon Compliens which reside in the caves of Complanet. Nixphas have adapted to survive well in cold temperatures through their icy bodies. Often they gather energy to haunt people who search the caves, but they still are simply harmless pranksters overall. Nixphas do not need to eat, and aren't feared by other Compliens, since they are not too powerful. Nixphas usually travel with Glaphas and Hibphas since, on their own, they end up lost and confused.

The spectral part of a Nixpha can reach extremely low temperatures, allowing it to be coated in a thick layer of ice. As such, they are able to let off a Frozen Aura that slows down nearby opponents. If being hunted, Nixphas can use this skill to allow for an easy escape.



Nixpha grows into Glapha, which grows into Hibpha.


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Some insights on Nixpha's origins.


Nixpha's name is derived from the latin words for "Snow Ghost."


Nixpha is inspired by ghosts and ice crystals.