Mongrool is the Death Worm Complien. It belongs to the Earth and Toxic Elements. Female Mongrools grow into Mongrowl.


Mongrools are on average around 4 meters long and have large stomachs to adapt to their nature of digesting for very long amounts of time. They are colored with purple spots around their mouths in which are gathered from toxic waste.


Mongrools can spit small amounts of toxic at long distances very quickly, due to large buildup inside, they have no problem reloading. Mongrools can bury themselves underground in which helps them capture prey. To capture prey they leave their mouth sticking out from the ground in which it makes the hidden Mongrool look like a flower which attracts the prey. It mostly lives in deserts or jungles. Not much is known about Mongrool, though their somewhat large size and appearance causes many to fear them. Mongrools, while resembling worms in appearance, are of much higher sapience, and can occasionally outsmart other animalistic Compliens when in combat. Mongrools are unisex creatures, but male Mongrools serve little other purpose than mating with a queen Mongrowl.



Mongrool grows into Mongrowl.


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Some insights on Mongrool's origins.


Their name comes from Mongol and Gruel.


Mongrool is based off a Mongolian Deathworm, however much smaller in size.


  • This was Yesthisismsp's first, and only Complien.