Molidrake is the Mythic Plant Complien. It belongs to the Flora, Magic, and Life Elements. It is the grown form of a normal Mindrake, alongside Lotree and Entrake.


Molidrake looks somewhat like its previous form, but it is much bigger. The top of its dirt blob has come off to reveal a white onion-like bulb, from which long green leaves grow out. It has a long stalk tipped with a white flower, which holds the Molidrake's eyes. Its feet are larger, and it has two pairs of long noodley arms, each with two short claws at the end.


Molidrakes, despite being the shortest grown form of the Mindrake family, command the most respect from most Mindrakes. This is because they are the only one that will attempt to protect Mindrakes from harm, making them a better caregiver than the stagnant Lotree or the malicious Entrake.

Their leaves are usually a soft green, but when they get sick or old, their leaves turn brown and their bulb becomes black. Dead Molidrakes are full of complixonox goo that accumulates in them, which means that the Mindrakes that the Molidrake formerly took care of will tear open its corpse and absorb the goo inside, gaining enough energy to grow.

The cactus sub-species of Mindrake does not evolve into a Molidrake, but will instead always become a Spajetidrake.



Mindrake grows into Molidrake.


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Some insights on Molidrake's origins.


Its name is derived from moly and mandrake.


Its design is loosely based off the mythological snowdrop, thought to be the fabled moly of Homerian lore.


  • Molidrake, its previous form and Mandrake's fellow grown forms. take inspiration from other mythical plants, being mandrake (Mindrake), lotus trees (Lotree), ents (Entrake), and spaghetti trees (Spajetidrake).