Molecloud is the Molecular Complien. It belongs to the Cosmic and Air Elements. It does not grow into or from anything.


Molecloud has a body made from dark clouds, with a visible head, and somewhat separated body. Surrounding it is a pinkish plasma membrane, with four arms. Moleclouds can be rather large, often being at least four meters tall.


Molecloud is a species of Complien which is said to have existed since very early on in the timeline of the universe. However, in recent times, Molecloud populations have become sparce, giving them an endangered status. Moleclouds are spread throughout the universe, though they can only be regularly spotted when their membranes are active, since otherwise they often end up mistaken for regular molecular clouds. Although they have been observed on a few occasions, until complex space travel became mainstream, Moleclouds have been a difficult species to find and capture. However, several scientists believe that Moleclouds may provide many secrets unbeknownst to man.



Molecloud does not grow.


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Some insights on Molecloud's origins.


Molecloud's name is derived from molecular cloud, a type of cloud found in space that frequently forms hydrogen molecules.


Molecloud's design is also inspired by molecular clouds.


  • Occasionally, the bodies of Moleclouds are able to piece together molecular hydrogen and other molecules.