Mitowatt is the Amnesiac Complien. It belongs to the Life and Volt Elements. It is not known to grow into or from anything.


Mitowatt has an elliptical red-violet covered head, with a singular yellow eye. The head has a few appendages dangling from it. It also has a body, the same red-violet color, with three blue orbs on it. The body has a pink membrane. Small electrical bolts surround its body.


Mitowatts are cells advanced to exist on a much larger scale to take down larger creatures. However, they are hardly sapient alongside that, but have evolved a few methods to take out foes. They have electrical charges which can hit with such high voltage, they can temporarily affect an opponent's memory. As such, they have been dubbed the "Amnesiac Complien." Mitowatts have the ability to multiply asexually, allowing them to appear in large groups, and easily take down foes.

Mitowatts reside in pools of tar, where they wait for prey to approach them. They will subsequently attack with large electrical shocks to take them town. Mitowatts are decomposers, who will work on feasting on the remains of any prey.



Mitowatt does not grow.


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Some insights on Mitowatt's origins.


Its name is derived from "mitosis" and "watt."


Mitowatt is inspired by cells, and some single-cell organisms.


  • Mitowatt was conceived in an attempt to get out of an art block. Most elements of its design originated on the spot.