Mignet is the Magnetic Complien. It belongs to the Metal and Volt Elements. It grows into Atrakt, which grows into Attractron.


Mignet's head is yellow, with two large white eyes with black pupils. Surrounding its head is a large blue horseshoe magnet with red ends. Its body consists of brown wires, which break at the end, releasing sparks. Its feet resemble blue bar magnets with red ends.


It, similar to its grown forms, has a sense that allows it to locate, thus making it good at finding things. Its magnetic fields are not as powerful, though, so reaching the object may be more difficult for Mignets. Mignets typically are a bit topheavy, so often, they may be seen having difficulty with staying in balance.

Mignets live in urban areas, where they frequently find themselves ending up attracted to metal buildings. Frequently, construction sites may be disrupted by large groups of Mignets attaching themselves to the metal beams meant to be used for construction. Workers may attempt to figure out ways to attempt removing Mignets from the premises, so work can continue.

Mignets are lithovorous, and will attract magnetic rocks to consume. Once a year, they migrate to mountains to find several magnetic rocks, which they will then bring back to their urban homes to feast on over the course of a year.



Mignet grows into Atrakt, which grows into Attractron.


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Some insights on Mignet's origins.


Its design is combined from "mini" or "midget" and "magnet."


Mignet's design is derived from magnets. Its body resembles copper wires.


  • Mignets have very little control over their magnetic abilities, and will frequently be drawn to metal and electromagnetic substances.