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Mightea is the Beverage Complien. It belongs to the Metal and Water Elements. It does not grow into or from anything.


They look like large, upside-down cups that are made from a hard, gray metal. The cups have two different-sized arms and contain a brown fluid with green specks suspended in it. The top of the cup is broken off, with the specks inside forming together into a pair of eyes. Four brown legs made up of the fluid reach out of the bottom of the cup.


Mightea arms are very solid. They can't bend, but can spin around at extremely fast speeds, which allow the Mightea to crush most things in its way. Its four tea legs work in tandem with each other, allowing it to run quickly, despite its weight. Small amounts of water allow it to grow bigger, but if the Mightea goes into a body of water or other large amount of fluid, its body dissolves, killing it and leaving its cup behind.

Mighteas reproduce when a small amount of the green specks in their body are mixed into hot water. This subsequently will form a shell-less baby Mightea. Mighteas will search the world for metal to craft shells for their youth out of.



Mightea does not grow.


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Some insights on Mightea's origins.


Mightea is derived from "mighty" and "tea."


Mightea is based off of a cup of tea.


  • Mightea was once a relatively obscure Complien, but upon the production of a monster movie about a Mightea falling into a lake and becoming unusually large, they received a large, albeit infamous, reception.