Marsymom is the Marsupial Complien. It belongs to the Life and Passion Elements.


Marsymom is a human-esque Complien that has a pink head with two eyes and a small mouth. Its hair is green in color. It has a body, primarily pink, with a deeper pink chestplate, two long arms, and a pouch which usually holds an Arsym. It has a skirt like appendage, colored green, with pink polka-dots.


Marsymoms are an often relaxed species of Complien, carrying their youth around calming areas, such as rivers or lakes deep in the forest. Marsymoms are often seen to be a giver of life, and due to this, were once hunted in abundance in a hopeful attempt to take control of their supposed life-giving powers. However, as rumors were debunked, and the species slowly became endangered, most forests where Marsymoms are contained are now natural reserves, and hunters rarely are allowed to set foot in them. Marsymoms, while often alone with their child, can also be accompanied by some younger Marsyms. Marsymoms seem to be extremely empathetic, and often are able to sense the emotions of others very easily. Marsymoms can be powerful if disturbed, but otherwise are a calm and peaceful species of Complien. Currently, the Complien Protection Agency is making an effort to restore their population.



Arsym grows into Marsym, which grows into Marsymom.


Marsymom corrupts into Marsyevil.


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Some insights on Marsymom's origins.


Marsymom's design is derived from "marsupial" and "mom."


Marsymom's design is inspired by human mothers and marsupials.


  • Marsymom was initially designed by Silverwingsxxx in 2011, but received a massive redesign by Pepearl in 2016.
  • Female Marsymoms are considerably more common than male Marsymoms, and it is thought this may be a reason for their low populations.