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Marsyevil is the Marsupial Complien. It belongs to the Passion and Corrupt Elements. It is the corrupted form of Marsymom.


Marsyevils are Compliens with round, red heads and deep purple hair. Their face has two eyes and a mouth, usually in a grimace. They have bodies with two arms, and a dress-like body with purple and red stripes. They have red plating in front of their chest. Marsyevils do not have legs, but rather levitate instead.


Marsyevils are nothing but power-hungry gold-diggers that ally themselves with the most powerful, most evil force around, taking on roles that may assist a more powerful evil being. If the person they are with is killed or otherwise defeated by a more powerful, more evil person, the Marsyevil will quickly ally themselves with that person instead. They retain the Marsymom's ability to easily sense emotions, but often use this to help them in manipulating opponents, hoping to cause great damage to their psyche.

Marsyevils are formed when "Evil" is able to successfully corrupt a Marsymom. As such, they lose their motherly instinct, and gain the Corrupt Element. Marsyevils are more easily corrupted from Marsymoms that were especially apathetic as Marsyms.



Marsymom corrupts into Marsyevil.


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Some insights on Marsyevil's origins.


Its name is derived from "marsupial" and "evil."


Marsyevil's design takes inspiration from henchwoman roles in media.


  • Its art was created from flipping Marsymom's lineart.
  • Female Marsyevils are considerably more common than male Marsyevils, and it is thought this may be a reason for their low populations.