Magmawwl is the Crawling Lava Complien. It belongs to the Fire and Earth Elements. It grows into Magmowwth.


Magmawwl has a large, spherical head with two notable layers of rough, stone-like skin. The upper layer protrudes from the lower layer, where magma typically flows through the cracks. They have two, often uneven eyes, due to the bizarre arrangement of the upper layer of the skin. They have two antennae which serve as natural thermometers of sorts. They give it a sense that allows it to navigate itself to warmer climates. They have five purple tentacles, which allows for quick and efficient travel along rocky surfaces. They dip themselves in magma to protect themselves from opponents, since their bodies are quite heat-resistant.


Magmawwls are Compliens often found around volcanic areas, but relatively rare elsewhere. Volcanic areas will have large numbers of Magmawwls, since the environments are most suitable for their lives, and subsequent spread. Magmawwls are born underground, where they dig themselves out using their five tentacles. The tentacles are not incredibly sticky, but can move quickly, looping themselves around rocks to allow them to climb rocky surfaces. Magmawwls would be commonly hunted by water Compliens, so they take themselves inside volcanoes to coat themselves in a deep magma. Afterwards, they exit, now superheated. The level of heat they obtain by coating themselves gives them the Steamed instinct, which causes all Water spells to deal Air damage to it instead.

In the event that a Magmawwl is born away from magma, they will try digging underground to reach the molten layers of Complanet. However, due to the extremely long journey, they often fail to make it down there in their lives. Due to this, Magmawwls and Magmowwths are rarely kept in zoos. The antennae of a Magmawwl help it find warm environments to live in, so they can find the proper homes.

Magmawwls may have emerged in early times, when all of Complanet would've been warm enough to sustain them. However, no fossilized evidence has been found to support this theory, and often much less advanced creatures only started developing much later on, so this theory is frequently dismissed.

They eat burnt organic material, much like Snailagoons. Magmawwls usually eat five to six pounds of the stuff a day.



Magmawwl grows into Magmowwth.


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Some insights on Magmawwl's origins.


Magmawwl's name is derived from magma and crawl.


Magmawwl's design primarily takes elements from magma rocks, though it has a few elements of cephalopods in its design.


  • On the old wiki, Magmawwl was used as a guide to drawing in CompliensCreator00's style.
  • Snailagoons hate the presence of this Complien, and will try chasing it if it is present.