These Compliens have been the featured Complien at some point in the Compliverse Wiki's history.


Name of Complien Image Month Featured Description
Maringel Maringel April Maringel is the Sea Angel Complien. Maringels are peaceful, deep sea Compliens that graze on plants found in the oceans. They have a fierce rivalry with Bludsquid and Dracusquid, which act as their predators. They grow from Lumigae.
Whimsire Whimsire May Whimsire is the Lantern Complien. Whimsires are proto-sapient Compliens that aimlessly fly through the air. While their fires do make their appearance obvious to airborne predators, since their body consists of an ectoplasmic flame surrounded by paper, they are typically not destroyed.
Mayabrell Mayabrell June Mayabrell is the Umbrella Complien. Mayabrells are born in forested areas, but quickly scuttle off to beaches to seek sunlight. The light-sensing panels that build a Mayabrell's head raise when exposed to sunlight, letting various other Compliens use their body for shade.
Argilinfanti Argilinfanti July Argilinfanti is the Clay Baby Complien. Argilinfantis are born in the badlands of Complanet, and work in tribes with Argilparvuli and Argiladulti brethren. Argilinfantis are born when Argiladultis mold them from clay and touch the earth symbol on their foreheads to the bodies.
Marsymom Marsymom August Marsymom is the Marsupial Complien. Marsymoms are a relaxed, mother-like Complien oftentimes stated to be a giver of life. For a long time, these properties lead to them being over-hunted. Currently, there have been major efforts to restore their populations.
Zhapezhiftini Zhapezhiftini September Zhapezhiftini is the Transforming Complien. Zhapezhiftinis are Compliens with a completely malleable form, utilizing chromatophores and elastic skin to allow them to take on new appearances. However, they can hardly adjust their volume, so they always remain the same size.
Dreamscaper Dreamscaper October Dreamscaper is the Watching Complien. Dreamscapers are the main inhabitants of the dreamscape, a world only skilled lucid dreamers can enter. Here they are most powerful, and as such, in battle their primary focus is to make their opponent fall asleep.
Firetron Firetron November Firetron is the Plasma Complien. Firetrons are much larger than their previous form, and use this to hunt their prey. By engulfing smaller Compliens in the flames, Firetrons can easily find a delicious meal.
Whippon Whippon December Whippon is the Ribbon Complien. Whippons are some of Complanet's fiercest predators, and thrive in cold weather. Since their instinct allows physical attacks to hit from a distance, they often can easily avoid status effects. Whippons will utilize harsh strikes until their prey is immobilized, then share the feast with a pack of Hollybows.


Name of Complien Image Month featured Description
Zyxtery Zyxtery January Zyxtery is the Voltage Complien. Zyxteries are most noteworthy for their negative field, which they utilize to confuse and outsmart their opponents. They are capable of emitting high voltage attacks, which can make them something to look out for.
Notokidoki Notokidoki February Notokidoki is the Heartbreak Complien. Notokidokis are misgrown Okidokis, formed when they fail to stay in sync and ultimately fall apart. Notokidokis often have a sense of mistrust amongst themselves, as one half ends up chastising the other for failing to keep themselves afloat.
Mint Control Mint Control March Mint Control is the Peppermint Complien. Mint Controls live in the grasslands of Complanet, shedding their leaves every winter to form an army of Mintions. Mint Controls utilize the Mintions to take control of other Compliens' bodies to perform various tasks, and eventually eat the drained corpse. Mint Controls can perform these actions themselves, but use Mintions to carry them out to sustain colonies.
Ariah Ariah April Ariah is the Demonic Complien. Ariah are one of the few Compliens that do not fear "Evil", but rather praise him, and do his bidding in frequency. Ariah hunt in packs, tearing apart Compliens that aren't corrupted, and wreaking terror in any way they can. As they typically live in dark, secluded areas, it is advised to stay as far away from them as possible unless absolutely necessary.
Beanafly Beanafly May Beanafly is the Flying Bean Complien. Beanaflies are a Complien species that roam the forests of Complanet and Sworld. Their sturdy, water-based bodies allow them to remain healthy, though they experience troubles through migration. They have a rivalry with Snailagoon, but their plant-based bodies put them at a disadvantage.
Eyecelium Eyecelium June Eyecelium is the Overseer Complien. Eyeceliums' most notable feature is their large eye, which is said to be able to see into one's soul. Eyeceliums often judge based on how they perceive one to be, and later exact revenge as a Morelcle provided they see a "dirty" soul. Eyeceliums are adapted to darkness, and show a weakness to bright lights.
Smurlog Smurlog July Smurlog is the Boulder Cow Complien. Smurlogs use their large, boulder heads to headbutt trees to get fruits and leaves to eat. Usually working in packs, Smurlogs are built for rough conditions, including high temperatures and droughts. While usually travelling in herds, some Smurlogs work alone in caves, where they defend from Crawlas and Goblicks.
Parasox Parasox August Parasox is the Footies Complien. Parasox are described as a "stylish pair of socks" by scientists, and most Compliens that encounter them wish to put them on their feet. However, this proves dangerous, as they often get sucked into the void below.
Gügenhyme Gügenhyme September Gügenhyme is the Surrealist Complien. Gügenhymes are typically found in deserts, where they hunt from below to swallow up prey. Those who come near a Gügenhyme typically experience an altered state of reality, but end up forgetting it once the Gügenhyme drifts away. They are capable of speaking fluent English.
Sandwitch Sandwitch October Sandwitch is the Broomstick Complien. Sandwitches are Dustiches that have found enlightment in the desert, by the means of finding lots of sand. They are able to produce massive sandstorms, which they summon to attack nearby predators.
Shrock Shrock November Shrock is the Volt Rock Complien. Shrocks are Compliens formed when lightning strikes a rock infused with complixonox. They can only move when electrically charged, so they must seek out other Volt Element Compliens to do so.
Angepent Angepent December Angepent is the Angel Complien. Angepents are rare Compliens that cleanse people of their sins at the end of every year. They are very rare, and are seen with importance in many religions, though their freaky appearance has been toned down in most religious artwork over the years.


Name of Complien Image Month featured Description
Paraonette Paraonette January Paraonette is the Parasite Complien. Paraonettes are parasitic Compliens that particularly like to feed off of the body of Exhorguts. By eating out their entire digestive system, they control the hollowed husk like a puppet.
Tipsibit Tipsibit February Tipsibit is the Chocolate Complien. Tipsibits are mischievous Compliens that appear during the beginning of the year. Toxic liquid drips from the orifices on their face, and they are known to use it on others, particularly newly formed couples.
Thinkblot Thinkblot March Thinkblot is the Ink Complien. The bodies of Thinkblots are completely malleable. They possess slight psychic powers that allow them to gain a near-complete understanding of others' emotions. They change their form to reflect the feelings of others, but occasionally let their own perception get in the way.