Leguama is an energetic Complien with the Martial and Time elements. It grows from Aytii.


They are skinny gray bipeds with two long arms, two long legs, and a round face with big eyes and no nose. They have a velvety pink fur covering their bodies over the upper torso, arms, and legs that sags below their actual skin. They have fluffy yellow clumps of fur over their wrists and cnemises. They also have yellow markings over their shoulders and crotch with the appearance of bra straps and underpants. They have a poof of pink fur sprouting out of their head with a tight middle of yellow fur, giving the impression of a headband. Female Leguamas have two huge purple horns that come out of the headband and curve down to their face, looking like two big ponytails.


Leguamas are territorial herding Compliens that roam the grasslands in groups of three to five females with one smaller, hornless male and three or four Aytiis, feeding off of grass, leaves, and fruit. Adult Leguamas can eat up to 20 kilograms of plant matter a day.

They go into heat every few months and look for another herd in mating season by releasing copious amounts of pheromones. Once they get together, the two Leguama herds' males will start dancing next to each other, and the females will group together in a semicircle around the males and copy the males' movements. The males release spores into the air from their headbands, which are attracted to the females dancing the hardest.

Leguamas are powerful fighters, able to deliver harsh punches and kicks with their 2 kilogram hands and feet. They are quite agile and move in quick circles around their opponent to keep them off guard. If not in heat, female Leguamas violently attack anything that gets too close to their herd's male or Aytiis, including other herds' Leguamas and Aytiis.



Aytii grows into Leguama.


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Some insights on Leguama's origins.


Its name is a corruption of "leg warmer", a footless knitted covering for the legs, usually worn for warmth during exercise.


Leguama and Aytii's designs both take inspiration from the 80s workout aesthetic.


  • Aytii and Leguama were designed a year apart.
  • Aytii and Leguama are theorized to be related to the Radicool line.