Lefly is the Leaf on the Wind Complien. It belongs to the Air and Flora Elements.


Lefly is a Complien resembling a brown seed about 2 centimetres in diameter. It has various shoots coming out of the seed, which all end with a snall leaf. Lefly usually floats on the wind. It has a smooth surface.

Information Edit

Leflies are rare cases of inanimate objects that haven't become sentient after being exposed to Complixonox. They have nerves in their leaves that are triggered by wind, which makes it easy to manipulate just by breathing at it. The leaves on the end of their shoots are ideal for catching wind, and this is how they move. They have no control over where they go, but wherever they do go they go quickly.

Leflies can sometimes be found on the floor due to low wind levels. This makes it a perfect target for Herbivorous Compliens, but this is not a problem, as the Lefly population is so large that it doesn't make a dent.

During tornadoes or strong wind, Leflies will move much faster and be significantly more powerful. However, they may blow away.


Leflies are found on Lumolivron, usually near Grasslands and Forests. However, a small amount may have blown to other planets in the Complisolar System.



Lefly does not grow.


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Lefly's name is derived from Leaf and Fly.


Lefly's design is based off a seed with shoots bursting out.


  • This Complien was inspired by the lack of nonsapient Compliens in the wiki.