Lavite is the Lava Ball Complien. It belongs to the Fire Element. It grows into Laveak, or can fuse with Icite to form Lavice.


Lavite is a spherical Complien, with one half colored in red, and the other half being null. The red half is actually filled with lava, and contains one eye, with an X symbol being where its other eye should be. The lava takes up the left side of the ball.


Lavites are small spherical creatures born from the lava of Mt. Ice. They often live on the inside of the volcano, since they are more used to warmer conditions, and this effectively allows them to stay comfortable. Despite this, however, Lavites often feel incomplete, and try searching for an Icite to complete them. Since Icites often roam the surface, however, they can often be hard to find. During an eruption, however, many Lavites may be spilled onto the land, allowing them to have an easier time finding an Icite to join with. In the event of a successful fusion, they will become a Lavice.



Lavite grows into Laveak.

Lavite + Icite = 60px

Lavite fuses with Icite to form Lavice.


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Some insights on Lavite's origins.


Its name is derived from the word "lava" and the suffix "-ite".


It, and its counterpart, Icite, are derived from the idea of fire and ice.


  • It was conceived in 2013, before being added to the wiki in 2016.
  • Its artwork was rotated to create Icite's artwork.