Krilly is the Ice Krill Complien. It belongs to the Frost and Water Elements. It grows into Mantikrill.


Krilly is a krill-like Complien, with a head that has a blue top and beige underside. It has yellow eyes with red rings and purple pupils, as well as two long antennae at the top of its head, which allow it to sense its environments. Its body consists of various segments, which in a similar sense to its body, are bluer on top, and have a beige underside. The first segment has two limbs with claws at the end. These claws are extremely cold in temperature, and are able to freeze water within them into ice, and fire it off in a similar form to bullets. The next segment also has two limbs without claws. The segments continue and form a tail, which ends with a few blue fins. On the back of Krilly is a blue frill.


Krillies live in small colonies in icy oceans, closer to the north of Collusia. They swim around, digesting small plants near them. The most notable part of Krilly is their large claws, which serve various different functions. Krillies often use their claws to snip plants, allowing them to eat them far more easily, though even more notably, compress water into ice pellets, and snap to fire them off at intense speeds to freeze opponents. However, despite this powerful ability of the Krilly, Krillies are often quite frightful, and typically after doing this, they will swim away, and move into hiding. Frequently, they use this method against their primary predators - larger oceanic Compliens which swallow them alongside the plants they are eating.

Occasionally, other Compliens that eat the plants they enjoy, such as Lumigae, will also be prone to their icy pellets, in the hopes of Krillies getting a larger portion of their food. Krillies are only adapted to the water, and can not move on land. Their thin legs serve little more purpose than locomotion through the water, and can not be used to move a Krilly on the land. However, the more developed Mantikrill can move on land, where they become omnivorous. It should be noted that Krillies are purely herbivorous, and will not try eating other Compliens, though if plants are growing on their backs, they may attempt to consume those.



Krilly grows into Mantikrill.


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Some insights on Krilly's origins.


Krilly's name is derived from krill.


Krilly's design is mainly derived from that of krill, though a few elements are borrowed from pistol shrimps.


  • Krilly was conceived by Pepearl for a project on Complipedia.