Kineticlam is the Shelled Complien. It belongs to the Water and Magic Elements. It is the grown form of Potenshell, and burgeons into Mechlamic.


Kineticlam has a head resembling Potenshell's turned sideways and opened, revealing one eye in the middle. The shell is blue, and the eye is a brighter shade of blue. It is surrounded by a field of energy, which creates its legs as well. It is often compared to the all-seeing eye.


Kineticlams are intensely energetic Compliens, constantly moving around on Bivalve Bay. Kineticlams seem to be so active, some wonder if they even have a sleep cycle. Kineticlams are a powerful species, being most effective if they hit first. Since Kineticlams are a fast species of Complien, they usually manage to do this, allowing their spells to deal more damage than they usually would. Kineticlams are far more active than their previous form, and it is unknown why the change between them is so drastic, though some believe it has to do with the tide, and that days with higher tides can cause growth to trigger in Potenshells pulled into the sea. However, more research has to be done to verify if these theories are completely true. Kineticlams are still of very low sapience, and have more focus on staying active and catching food than anything else. The large shells of a Kineticlam's head allow them to easily catch plants and small sea Compliens for them to feast on.



Potenshell grows into Kineticlam.


Kineticlam burgeons into Mechlamic.


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Some insights on Kineticlam's origins.


Kineticlam's name is derived from "kinetic energy" and "clam."


Kineticlam's design takes inspiration from clams and kinetic energy, energy that is released when an object moves.