Juicburd is the Juice Bird Complien. It belongs to the Flora and Air Elements.


Juicburd has a round head, and an ovular body that fades from green to orange and sometimes brown. On their heads, they have two eyes and a long, flute-like beak. Juicburds utilize their long beaks to slurp up juice from jungle fruits, which they use as sustenance. Juicburds have two orange legs, which help them rest on the ground between flights.


Juicburds are very common birds they can be seen in tropical areas and where the area is 21 to 29°C. They mostly live in Sworld and Complanet jungles where fruits are abundant and delicious for these Compliens. Juicburds are herbivorous species, and primarily consume fruits. Juicburds are born in small nests at the top of trees, where they use their wings to glide between branches. Although not particularly the best in flight, Juicburds are particularly good at gliding, and can use this to move around. Juicburds utilize nearby branches and hop between them to achieve elevation.

Juicburds uses its flute like beak to sip the juices of various fruits. These beaks easily puncture through the surfaces of various fruits, and help Juicburds digest many different juices. It should be noted that throughout jungles, depending on the type of fruit they primarily consume, Juicburds' beaks may appear in various different shapes. This phenomenon has been observed by scientists worldwide, and in fact was used to write some of the first theories on Complien evolution. Juicburds were in fact, moved to Sworld in a test to see how well they'd adapt to the conditions of other planets. Juicburds are incredibly good at adapting to new environments, and as such, it only took a few decades before Juicburds became a common species on Sworld.

The primary predators of Juicburds are Flying Froxes on Sworld, which inflate themselves to swallow Juicburds whole. Juicburds are supposedly really delicious, and supposedly taste like the berries they drink. Juicburds are occasionally hunted, and served as food during certain holidays. It has been monitored to assure that Juicburd populations never fall too low.



Juicburd does not grow.


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Some insights on Juicburd's origins.


Juicburd is derived from "juice" and "bird."


Juicburd is inspired by various fruits and tropical birds. Their ability to adapt to their environment is inspired by the Galapagos Finches.


  • While typically green, orange and brown, they have been observed to change color under certain conditions.


Spells Edit

Juicburd's Moveset






10-25 damage



35-80 damage

Wing Slap


45-55 damage

Air Whip


50-70 damage, brief (3-6 sec) stunning

Juice Squirt

Flora Water

30-50 damage and restores 16-30

Leaf Cut


40-150 damage depending on evolution status, slight lower in defense