Jel is the Aspic Complien. It belongs to the Plain Element. It grows into Jellee, which grows into Jelatnous.


Jel is a blob of slime, usually of reddish color, with a smaller blob inside. The smaller blob contains a face and is opaque, while the larger blob is translucent and contains small bits of food. There is an olive on a toothpick attached to the top of most Jels. Although most oftenly red, they come in many colors, including blue, green, purple, and brown.


Jels often are born in swampy areas, out of pools of mud. Although they usually start off brown, as they wash off, they will change color. Jels often spend time sitting in one place, sucking nutrients out of the ground. It then takes the time to eat and digest those nutrients, as they float around in its membrane. Since Jels rarely need to eat, they are often dormant creatures sticking around in one place. Once all the nutrients in an area are gone, Jels will migrate to another area, and start stealing nutrients from that spot. The membrane of a Jel will occasionally trap small, bug-like Compliens, a detriment for both, since Jels are herbivorous. Jels are typically kept as pets, since they do not require much effort to take care of, aside from the occasional feeding. Jels are typically seen as harmless Compliens, and as such, do not have any spells to damage opponents with. The membrane surrounding a Jel is jelly-like, and one has the ability to sift their hands through it.



Jel grows into Jellee, which grows into Jelatnous.


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Some insights on Jel's origins.


Jel's name is derived from the word "gel."


Jel's design takes inspiration from aspic, a jelly used to preserve meat, eggs, or vegetables.


  • Jel originally had a design with a distinct head and body, with no mouth. It was changed in 2016.
  • Jels have a small, thin series of nerves within their bodies that support the creature's systems. Otherwise, they can be sifted through quite easily.