Isbrak is the Packed Ice Complien. It belongs to the Frost Element. It grows into Ispak.


Isbrak's face is a teal-blue diamond shape, with a darker blue diamond on top. Its eyes are usually close. This face is surrounded by a large, cubic membrane, resembling an ice cube. It has two purple gloves which hover near its body.


Isbraks often are somewhat territorial Compliens, so often they keep a small area of glacial land to themselves. Typically, they only survive well in cold conditions, where their icy membrane can be made stronger through intense cold winds. Isbraks will often fight each other with their mitten-like hands, which actually have the ability to perform powerful punches against opponents. Isbraks often end up with cracks in the ice, which are treated like battle scars. While typically Isbraks covered in cracks are considered to be more powerful, they also show vulnerability, and have a higher risk of dying in battle. Isbraks can survive short periods of time outside of colder areas, but once the outer membrane collapses, the Isbrak doesn't have much longer to live. Scientists are unsure why they only survive when trapped in ice, and are currently putting more research into figuring it out.

Although typically territorial, occasionally Isbraks form teams with other Isbraks. This often allows them to become more powerful against opponents due to having many teammates, and makes it more likely to grow into an Ispak, which is formed by six Isbraks fusing. Once in this form, they can be extremely difficult for other Isbraks to defeat, allowing Ispaks to take dominance in society.


Isbraks are common in tundras and glacial regions, holding notable presence in Hoyae and Blaseau. Isbraks, in fact, can be seen transversing Complanet's northern ice cap, likely explaining their range between the two nations. Isbraks introduced to southern regions of Complanet, particularly southern Rostobar, are also seen to perform well, and as a result, they have become somewhat common in these areas as well.



Isbrak grows into Ispak.


Some insights on Isbrak's origins.


Isbrak is derived from "ice" and "break."


Isbrak is based off of an ice cube.


  • Isbraks often try fighting Hollybows to assert dominance, but frequently lose due to the Hollybow's far quicker movements.
  • They use their fists to smash ice spears, which they proceed to consume.