Inciseon is the Operation Complien. It belongs to the Metal and Life Elements. It grows from Medicut.


Inciseon is a complien similar in height to an average adult human, with a rectangular body. It has a pair of ovular, beady white eyes lacking pupils. On top of its head is a blue, metal cap which fits perfectly on. Inciseon does not have a nose or mouth, but the area of its face at which they would be located is covered by a white metal plate which extends down to the torso. There are two more metal plates directly below this one, the third one reaching the floor. The whole of Inciseon's body is covered by a one large sheet of metal the same colour as its cap. It has skinny, dark blue arms which end with long and sharp blades.


Inciseons are rather rare Compliens that don't show up often. Inciseons are benevolent compliens who dedicate themselves to healing other wounded Compliens. They can sense injured compliens from a distance, and come to their aid.

Inciseons appear to have medical knowledge by instinct. They can use their blades to make incisions, stitch wounds together and remove unwanted objects from flesh. However, a lot of other Compliens can find their robot-like appearance unsettling, making these compliens run away from them when they have the chance.

If an Inciseon's senses happen to bring it to a complien attempting to escape or hide from a predator, its metal plates will protect it from an unexpected strike from the predator.

The techniques that an Inciseon uses have been studied for a long time, and a lot of surgical procedures used in modern times were inspired by inciseons. Some hospitals in during the Complien/Raethian vs. Mogurian war started used Inciseons to help treat patients, as Raethians do not feel threatened by them. A problem with this is that Inciseons do not feel a need to tend to Raethians, as they only empathise with other Compliens. Because of this, Inciseons need to be trained to operate on Raethians.

They feed on the blood and meat they cut out of things and will usually take out a vestigial organ or two as a sort of payment. They consume their food by squirreling it away under the cracks of their metal robes, which contain enzymes and cilia that break down and absorb the collected flesh.



Medicut grows into Inciseon.


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Some insights on Inciseon's origins.


Its name is derived from "incision", a surgical cut made into the skin or flesh, and "surgeon", the main inspiration for the complien.


Inciseon's design is inspired by surgeons. The fact that it appears unnatural and unsettling to some could be related to how some people are scared of having surgery, and possibly seeing their doctor or their dentist.


  • Inciseon is the first new complien to be created by Pepearl after the move to the new wiki (this one).


Inciseon's Moveset




Metal Spike


40-60 damage, brief (2-3 sec) stunning

Tissue Tear


40-65 damage, very long (20-30 min) bleeding

En Garde


User gains heavy raise in attack and slight raise in defense

Patch Up


~40 health gain, removal of poisoning and bleeding