Idama is the Will-o-Wisp Complien. It belongs to the Fire and Spectral Elements. It grows into Hitowax, and later Sorupt.


Idama is a red and yellow flame-like creature with a singular orange eye with a black pupil in the middle. Idamas rest upon a golden base with a handle, and elegant patterns carved on it.


Idamas aimlessly float around forests, seeking out other Compliens. It is said that they were formerly the souls of Compliens, and that when they float around, it is their attempt to seek out Compliens to possess. It is said that when they possess a Complien, they burn out the soul, to allow these Compliens to take complete control. These Compliens, however, are quite rare, and as such, shouldn't be too much of a concern.

It should be noted, that if not possessing other Compliens, occasionally they can take a form within a wax body, in which it grows into Hitowax. Occasionally, other Compliens will build wax bodies for Idamas to take control of, in order to save themselves. In middle ages, high-sapience Compliens would place large wax figures outside their doors, in fear of these Compliens. The wax figures were said to protect whoever would set them up, and assure they can continue living the life they always have. This trend, however, has since died down.



Idama grows into Hitowax, which grows into Sorupt.


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Some insights on Idama's origins.


Idama's name is shortened from the Japanese yokai hitodama.


Idama is loosely based off of hitodamas - balls of fire said to be the souls of the dead, aimlessly flowing through the night.


  • If an Idama is to possess the body of another Complien, it will live that Complien's life as usual until it dies again, in which it will once again be an Idama.