Iceamanjaro is the Ice Man Complien. It belongs to the Frost Element. It grows into Icealayas.


Iceamanjaro is a human-like Complien with a body consisting of rigid ice crystals. It has a head with two eyes and a point at the top, two arms that end in ice crystals, a body with a small plate in the middle, and two crystalline legs. Unlike Icealayas, it is very uneven, and as such, can have difficulty with movement. It is mostly blue in color, but some areas may appear sea-green or white.


Iceamanjaros are rare Compliens typically found around large, icy mountains. They have bodies that resemble ice crystals, and using the crystals on its arms and legs, it is able to deal physical damage to freeze opponents. However, unlike certain other Compliens, an Iceamanjaro can not freeze from a distance, giving it a disadvantage in some situations. Iceamanjaros travel in packs of four or five, lead by an Icealayas which will proceed to help them find small, meaty Compliens to eat, like the ever-so common Furrsack. After collecting a few. Iceamanjaros will return back to their camp, and proceed to cook and eat the remains. Iceamanjaros become weaker in warmer temperatures, so they must be careful when cooking their meat over a fire, though generally this is how Iceamanjaros enjoy their food the best. Iceamanjaros are carnivorous.

Although their bodies resemble ice crystals, it is seen that the head, arms, and legs are the only parts that are truly coated in ice. This simply allows Iceamanjaro to blend in with its environments if it is to be separated from the rest of the pack, and this is also why Icealayas appears much less rigid. However, this disguise can make movement difficult for an Iceamanjaro.



Iceamanjaro grows into Icealayas.


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Some insights on Iceamanjaro's origins.


Iceamanjaro is derived from "ice" and "Mount Kilimanjaro," a large volcano that has a few ice caps located on it.


Iceamanjaro is simply meant to be an ice-based humanesque figure.


  • Iceamanjaros camouflage by folding their arms and legs towards their head, and closing their eyes, leaving the point upwards. It should be noted that since they are somewhat slow, occasionally they are caught before they can finish.