Icealayas is the Ice Man Complien. It belongs to the Frost Element. It is the grown form of Iceamanjaro.


Upon its head is a crown made of icy diamonds. Its head is a steel blue, which spreads through the rest of its humanesque body. Its arms have claws around ice shooters. On its body are four blue plates surrounding an ice plate in the center of its bodies. Its legs end in stubs, and have no feet.


Icealayas are furious creatures. Often, they use the blasters on their arms to freeze their prey in place. Utilizing their claws, they can then tear through the meat of their prey to find the best parts to consume. Icealayas typically lead a pack of Iceamanjaros, and throughout the day, hunt with them to help them get a meal every night. Icealayas are incredibly intelligent, about on par with primates on Earth, if not higher. Typically only one Icealayas is in a group, and when an Iceamanjaro grows into this form, they will separate and start leading their own packs.

Often, when they pass through an area, the area will get rather cold, and the Icealayas will leave it that way. However, they only usually live in cold locations, since they can not survive well in the warm. This provides difficulty when they have to cook their meat every night, since Icealayas will have difficulty getting near the fire. Occasionally, they will use the blasters on their arms as makeshift fire extinguishers before eating the food.

Unlike Iceamanjaro, the appearance of Icealayas is much more smooth, which is due to the fact that Icealayas is an apex predator where they live, and do not need to hide from anything that will hunt them. If an Icealayas sees anything hunting one of the Iceamanjaros in its pack, it will jump into battle, and attempt freezing the soon-to-be prey.



Iceamanjaro grows into Icealayas.


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Some insights on Icealayas's origins.


Icealayas is derived from "ice" and "Himalayas," a chain of mountains known for its cold climate.


Icealayas is meant to be a humanesque figure made from ice.


  • The only Compliens that ever offer difficulty against Icealayas is Whippon, though since the two species live in different locations; Icealayas in the mountains and Whippons in tundras, the two rarely meet.