Hyakutake is the Comet Complien. It belongs to the Cosmic and Frost Elements. It is the grown form of Halley and the final form of Encke.


Hyakutake has a purple head, with two darker purple eyes, a gray "headband" and long, comet-like hair, that goes from purple to blue. Its body takes a similar form, starting a light blue, and becoming a dark midnight-like color as it goes along. Hyakutake has a star on its chest with a blue orb in the middle, and a Psi symbol similar to its previous forms. It wears a large yellow cape with purple highlights, and has four arms, each separated from the body, which are gray with three claws.


Hyakutake is a very rare Complien found around Moonbeam Mountain. In fact, Halleys rarely get the chance to become Hyakutakes in many instances, making them near legendary to find. Hyakutakes are extremely quick, and due to their ability to float, often streak across the night sky with intense light, allowing them to put on a spectacular show. Hyakutakes are also a very powerful Complien, with heavy astral powers, and an abundance of ice-themed powers as well. Often, they can freeze opponents in ice blocks, and strike down with heavy meteors. Hyakutakes are often very protective of their young, and will attack with brute force if necessary.

Hyakutakes are lithovorous, and fly through the air, eating dust in the air. Occasionally, they will collect dust to feed to previous forms. Hyakutakes do not require very much sustenance, and as such, they are typically able to survive for a very long time.



Encke grows into Halley, which grows into Hyakutake.


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Some insights on Hyakutake's origins.


Its name is derived from the comet Hyakutake. This trait is shared with its previous forms, which are also named after comets.


Its design is inspired by comets, having a long, streaking tail, with human-like attributes added as well.