Hoodream is the Dreamlike Complien. It belongs to the Dream Element. It can corrupt into Nightscare.


Hoodream's body consists of a soft, purple hooded jacket with many colorful patches. Its body is easily torn, but easily repaired as well, with only the edges usually remaining tattered. From inside its hood peer out two sleepy eyes that match the color of its hands, specifically a hot pink, which forms five claws on each arm. Hoodreams float in mid-air, and do not have any legs.


Hoodreams are uncommon Compliens usually found in the forests of Suyzuebia, Blaseau, and Oclyfe, particularly the Quintuple Forest. Hoodreams are typically associated with sleep, and are hardly ever seen awake. However, unlike most other Compliens, while asleep, they are able to project themselves into the minds of others. When awake, Hoodreams are mostly powerless, meaning they are more powerful when resting. Hoodreams, however, are rarely ever dangerous, with the corrupted Nightscare being much more threatening.

Hoodreams are able to harness the energy of thoughts seen in dreams, and use them as parts of its attacks, so it can be an effective Complien in battle. The coat that most of a Hoodream consists of is incredibly soft, and occasionally, Hoodreams will be poached to create cozy jackets.


Hoodreams are Compliens traditional found in forests, particularly the Quintuple Forest in Suyzuebia, though forests of Blaseau and Oclyfe are also known to host Hoodreams, and they are occasionally, albeit rarely, seen in other nations as well.



Hoodream corrupts into Nightscare.


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Some insights on Hoodream's origins.


Hoodream is derived from the words "hood" and "dream."


Hoodream was designed as a "lesser form" of the Dream Element Great Complien Lord, Slumbeepza.


  • In development, the color of its eyes were changed from red to blue, before hot pink was settled on.
  • The Great Complien Lord of Dream Element Compliens is a Hoodream named Slumbeepza.
    • However, Slumbeepza was actually designed before Hoodream.