Honeyspew is the Honeydew Complien. It belongs to the Water Element. It does not grow into or from anything.


Honeyspew has a large round body with two large, brown, seed-like eyes. It has a large crooked mouth. It has four legs resembling honeydew slices, full of seeds.


In order to attack, Honeyspews constantly spit seeds at those who get close. Honeyspews often are upset when people get near, and can actually be very hostile creatures. Honeyspews can also run rather quickly, so catching up with a running Honeyspew can be a difficulty. In order to grow their young, they spit seeds at the ground. During harvest season, Honeyspews often appear in large quantities. Their aggressive personalities can often cause large troubles for farmers, so farmers must take action in keeping these Compliens out of their fields.



Honeyspew does not grow.


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Some insights on Honeyspew's origins.


Honeyspew's name is derived from "honeydew" and "spew," based on its ability to spit seeds.


Honeyspew is based on a honeydew.


  • Occasionally, Honeyspews are hunted for food. It is said that their insides taste quite delicious.
    • People question whether or not eating a Honeyspew is vegetarian or not.
  • Despite resembling a plant, they can not perform photosynthesis, and instead will attempt to consume other, smaller Compliens. Often, however, they end up eating Cubees which assist their pollination.