Haundy is the Evil Eye Complien. It belongs to the Spectral Element. It grows into Hauntlet.


Haundies take the form of blood red hands connected to long, ghost-like tails which act like arms. In the palm of a Haundy's hand is a large, white eye with a slit-shaped pupil. They almost always take the form of a left hand, although right-handed Haundies do exist.


Haundies are sometimes seen at night, dangling from trees in parks or suburban streets. Their eyes are said to send passerbys into a hypnotic trance, which is when the Haundy will attempt to pull its victim up into the tree with them. This is difficult with larger Compliens, so Haundies will usually target miniature, defenseless Compliens, such as Plofts or Teapups. It is unknown what Haundies do with their victims, as the ones that are lucky enough to escape will not remember anything as a result of the Haundy using its eye to hypnotize its victim.

If a Haundy is trained to be used in combat, it can often use lulling and hypnotizing spells to distract and weaken its foes, where its allies will then proceed to attack the enemies while their guards are down. That being said, a Haundy can still be a formidable foe on its own, as they can learn some long-range attacking spells.


Haundy is said to originate from the Ixihura Island off the coast of Xiyule. They have seen some major spread to the rest of the nation, and even to nearby nations like Nagthoto, Erea, and Ilson. They can also be found in urban areas of East Collusia, where they wrap themselves around trees planted in the cities.



Haundy grows into Hauntlet.


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Some insights on Haundy's origins.


Haundy is a portmanteau of haunt and handy.


Haundy is based on Akateko.


  • Haundies are primarily focused on inflicting status effects above attacking opponents.