Flying Frox is the Frog Complien. It belongs to the Air and Water Elements. It is not known to grow into or from anything.


Flying Froxes are balloon-shaped with bat-like wings, muscular hind legs, a slimy greenish-brown tail, and no arms. They have puckered mouths and blue-green splotches on their back. Their wings are webbed with a translucent membrane and have suction cups at the ends of the fingers.


Flying Froxes live mainly in Sword's many caves. They hunt in packs and eat smallish flying animals like Quaguls. They float because of hydrogen inside their body produced by symbiotic Hydrobons, and navigate by surfing the wind and angling their wings.

When born, they feed on the insects and grubs in the cave they were born in. Once they become mature adults, they leave their cave for the outside to mate and hunt, and reproduce by budding into smaller Flying Froxes within stagnant water.


Flying Frox

Flying Frox does not grow.


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Some insights on Flying Frox's origins.


The name Flying Frox comes from a portmanteau of "flying fox" and "frog."


This Complien's design was based on none other than a combination of a flying fox and a frog.


  • Their legs and wings taste delicious in a variety of recipes, and are a delicacy in Nrance. However, since they are found exclusively on Sworld, Flying Froxes were ported to the Touza Bay Flying Frox Farm was founded on Complanet to more easily farm them.