Fearkracker is the Firework Complien. It belongs to the Spectral and Fire Elements. It does not grow into or from anything.


Fearkracker is a cylindrical Complien colored with blue and white stripes. The top of its head has a blue conical shape, and they have a black tail that ends in a blue flame. Fearkrackers have a face with a singular blue eye and a mouth with jagged teeth. They resemble firecrackers.


They are often found floating around graveyards at midnight or during funerals. They cause no bother during funerals and it is said that they light the spirits way to the underworld. The rest of the time however, they are notoriously mischievous. They like to fire themselves at lightning speed towards Compliens and explode seconds before they would hit their victim. They are able to fuse back together afterwards.

Fearkrackers often show up in large amounts. Their body, unlike some other Spectral Element Compliens, is solid, though somewhat frail. This allows them to easily burst apart as a means of defense. Since Fearkrackers are able to reform after exploding, this often makes this their main form of attack.



Fearkracker does not grow.


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Some insights on Fearkracker's origins.


Fearkracker's name is derived from "fear" and "firecracker."


Fearkracker is based off of a firework.


  • Like various other Spectral Element Compliens, Fearkrackers do not require sustenance.